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Dicks Refuses to Release FBI Files: Further Questionable Behavior from Dicks Leaves Voters Cautious

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September 16, 2010



Dicks Refuses to Release FBI Files

Further Questionable Behavior from Dicks Leaves Voters Cautious


TACOMA, WA – The Cloud for Congress Campaign today announced they have officially requested that Congressman Norm Dicks release the FBI findings in the investigation of Congressmen Dicks in connection with the PMA Group.


Congressman Dicks has come under scrutiny for his connection to recently indicted lobbyist Paul Magliocchetti, of PMA Group, which was raided and shut down by the FBI in 2008.   Paul Magliocchetti's son Mark Magliocchetti, a former lobbyist at PMA, pled guilty to funneling illegal donations to campaigns.  Mark Magliocchetti's statement of fact, as observed by The Hill, stated "the donations helped the lobbying firm get what it wanted from members of Congress."  According to who cites the Center for Responsive Politics, Norm Dicks is listed as the 3rd highest recipient of Paul Magliocchetti's personal contributions as well as the 7th highest recipient of PMA Group funds. 


"If Mr. Dicks has nothing to hide then he should comply with our request and release these files." said Cloud. "There are a lot of voters right now who perceive that the top recipients of money from this group were for sale.  Between this case and the local problems surrounding the Puget Sound Partnership, there are a number of serious questions that are not being answered. The people of Washington's 6th District deserve better. They deserve the truth."


A Freedom of Information Act request for files pertaining to Congressman Dicks is currently under appeal with the Department of Justice and could be released in the next 20 days.

Data posted by from Center for Responsive Politics at and  The Hill's PMA Group article can be found at



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  1. Norm Dicks- living up to his name!

  2. I sent this message out to all the media I could find.

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  4. Wow, 8 days since some Cloud lover sent this "press release" to the media and the story is burnign up the press? News Flash - Cloud goes down in flames, hopefully retires!