Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Fellow Democratic Leaders Thwart Dicks: Congressional Democrats May Pick Someone Else to Chair Appropriations Committee

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September 21, 2010


Fellow Democratic Leaders Thwart Dicks

Congressional Democrats May Pick Someone Else to Chair Appropriations Committee


TACOMA, WA – On Tuesday, U.S. Congressional candidate Doug Cloud made the following statement in response to Democrat opposition to Norm Dicks's bid to become Chair of the House Appropriations Committee:


"It's a canary in the coal mine. Some Democrats think Dicks, possibly facing serious corruption charges, is not fit to chair this important position. It doesn't matter anyway; Dicks's position in Congress will mean nothing when the Republicans win the majority.


"He has also refused to respond to our request for the release of his FBI files (relating to the PMA scandal). What is he hiding? He's clearly on the defensive; he can't address any of our questions."


Congressman Norm Dicks was not able to comment about House Democrats possibly choosing Congressman Chaka Fattah (D-PA) as the first African American to head the committee.


Dicks will be in the spotlight this week as the recipient of over $500,000 in tainted contributions from earmark hustler Paul Magliocchetti through PMA Group and its clients. Magliocchetti, will enter a plea of guilty in federal court this Friday. According to the Federal Election Commission reports Dicks has spent over $36,000 in campaign money to Brand Law Group for legal services since 2009.




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  1. Doug, I know you are an attorney who is paid to lie for your clients but your comments in your press release are down right stinky! You are one of those mud throwing Zealots who has no idea how things work. Look at Nethercut when he beat Foley and then he promised to only be in office for 2 terms and then did not leave after he got a taste of the good life. Just like Bob Lawernece before you, you are a talking head with real experience and you almost got beat by a someone with even less experience than you.

  2. Look here Mr. Anonymous Mr. Cloud may be a lawyer but let's flip the coin. Let's say you're legally backed up against a wall wouldn't you want a lawyer to give you the best defense possible to save your hide? Now let's look at Congressman Norm Dicks he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, then went on for a degree in Law. Upon earning his Juris Doctor degree, he became legislative and administrative assistant to long-serving U.S. Senator Warren G. Magnuson of Washington. Elected to the House in 1976, he won a coveted seat on the House Appropriations Committee in his first term. Dicks also has a seat on the Committee on Homeland Security. He served for 8 years on the House Intelligence Committee. Looking at Norm's Bio is never worked for the private sector to be totally honest with you don't think he worked a day in his life!