Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Congressman Norm Dicks Skips Forum in His Own District, Attends Event in Everett Instead

Dicks Snubs Constituents, Ducks Cloud

Congressman Norm Dicks Skips Forum in His Own District, Attends Event in Everett Instead

SEQUIM, WA – Norm Dicks was absent from a debate this past Monday after being announced by the local newspaper that he would attend. About 300 attendees were perplexed as to why the 34-year-incumbent was absent. Dicks did however attend an event, that same day, outside of his Congressional district in Everett for a group of Boeing employees.

A representative from Congressman Dicks's office read a statement instead, saying the Congressman left to make "several important votes" although there have been no votes cast this week.

"I'm drawing a line in the sand and Norm Dicks doesn't want to face that line and the mistakes he's made," Cloud said before taking a series of questions from the audience, "We need real, earth-shaking, hair-raising, revolutionary-type change right now!"

Doug Cloud will appear in a candidate forum Wednesday in Tacoma , and Thursday on the Key Peninsula meeting with community members and voters.

Cloud Takes Center Stage:

Cloud Goes Solo:

Dicks attends Boeing rally earlier in the day:


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  1. You know it's really funny he has the time to go to a Boeing rally but he can't spare a moment for a debate in front of his constituents? He has to run back to Washington D.C. to do some very important legislative work you know the congressional budget tax cuts for the middle class! Well lets take a close look at what good old Norm Dicks and the rest of his democratic party cronies have done for us in this timeframe it's now at the time of my post October 1 2010. They didn't have time to pass the congressional budget for 2011. They didn't have time to pass legislative amendments to cut taxes for middle class families. But they do have the time to pass H.R.6209