Wednesday, July 7, 2010

We must stop funnelling taxpayer dollars to Planned Parenthood

This article discusses the accounting irregularities at Planned Parenthood. Apparently the Federal government has been subsidizing this firm, which exists to promote and perform abortions, by giving grants of over 2.3 billion between 2002 and 2008. But Planned Parenthood can only account for about a quarter of the money. Where has the rest of the money gone? This is just another example of favored institutions being rewarded with lush government subsidies and being subject to almost no accountability as to where the money is spent. This is just another example of government corruption and stupidity. The fact that the wasted money was given with little of no strings or controls to the largest providers of abortions in the country is even more loathsome. How does the Government and those that promote abortion ignore the very real public policy argument that abortion on demand has nearly killed the ability of Western countries to reproduce themselves? How do great countries survive if they engage in abortion to the extent that it destroys native population growth? How do those that promote abortion ignore the moral and constitutional grounds for promoting life and liberty for all, including the unborn? These are important questions that will never get a serious hearing in Congress as long as special interests like Planned Parenthood are able to benefit from the corruption in Congress.

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