Thursday, May 27, 2010

Why I am a Republican

I am a Republican because I believe strongly in the historical American strain of individual independence and responsibility that is at the core of Republican beliefs. The Republican party is the institution that is most capable of fighting for the ideals that made our country independent and even the lowliest member of our society free. America was an ideal that offered to the oppressed masses of despotic tyrannies and those who held unpopular beliefs the freedom to live and think in the way they saw fit. America was formed as a Republic to protect those with different views from the mob-rule of unfettered democracy. Democracy is a virtue, but the emotionalism and unreason of crowds will, without the fundamental principals of a written and observed constitution, always result in the enslavement of those masses who once craved freedom. A nation without fixed principals and central beliefs is no nation at all, it is simply a prize waiting to be picked and conquered by a more energized and morally bankrupt people. Consequently I believe in the concept of a Republic and in Republicanism. But we must as Republicans fight for the fundamental concepts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and against the freedom stifling tax rates and government controls which allow lawmakers to dispense favors in return for votes, which is the cynical philosophy at the heart of the Democrat party. Their collectivist philosophy is the fastest road to tyranny this country has ever created. Please join me in the fight to reverse this dangerous trend and ensure freedom is guarded throughout our lifetimes and our children’s lifetime.

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