Thursday, October 21, 2010

Newest Poll Shows Cloud Leads Over Dicks: Definitely Voting For/Leaning Towards Cloud Out-Numbers Dicks’ Votes

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October 21, 2010

Newest Poll Shows Cloud Leads Over Dicks

Definitely Voting For/Leaning Towards Cloud Out-Numbers Dicks' Votes

TACOMA, WA – On Thursday the Cloud for Congress Campaign received the newest poll results, which legitimized what they knew all along. "We are winning this election and the momentum has been building for our team the last few weeks. Our message is obviously resonating with the voters and they will not stand for the status quo," Doug Cloud reasoned after viewing the newest poll results from Wenzel Strategies, a respected national polling company out of Ohio .

The most notable results in the poll came in the question that asked "If the election for the United States Congress were today and the candidates were Republican Doug Cloud and Democrat Norm Dicks, for whom would you vote?" The answer options were "definitely for Cloud, leaning for Cloud, definitely for Dicks, leaning for Dicks, and not sure". Doug Cloud received a combined 609 votes for "definitely for" and "leaning for" while Dicks only received 558 for the 2 answers. 95 were still unsure.

Another question in the poll supports Cloud's belief that voters are disenchanted with the entrenched incumbent Norm Dicks. The question asks "The current Congressional representative for this district is Democrat Norm Dicks. Do you think he deserves to be re-elected, or is it time for someone new?" 53% of the people polled said that they were either definitely voting for someone else or considering it.

"This is the year that people want real, earth-shaking change. They will not put up with the lack luster, corrupt Congress that we have come to know and Norm Dicks is the biggest offender! The newest poll now clearly shows that the political tide has changed and we are in the midst of a historic election," Cloud explained.

The poll was conducted with 1,262 likely voters in a cross section of District counties, with polling percentages equal to the actual percentage of votes cast in that county. Wenzel Strategies out of Toledo , OH conducted the polling via telephone on October 18th and 19th, 2010. Margin of error is a +/- 2.72 percentage points.

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  1. Good news! We the people are alive and well. Norm Dicks is not listening to the people and no longer works for us! 6th District needs new blood who is not compromised by special interests and pay to play business as usual politics.

  2. Cloud is exactly the man we need to repair the damage Dicks has done during his time in Washington. This is very exciting news!

    Go Cloud!!!

  3. It would literally be a dream come true for many of us if Doug were to beat old Norm!!
    It would also be a deep breath of fresh air and a bright ray of sunshine for the entire 6th District!
    In these last important remaining days, let's hit the phone banks hard and get out for some group sign waving.
    Remember how important one vote can be!!

  4. We scared Norm in1980-Ronald Reagan landslide. Anyone remember the "Nix Dicks News"? This was the year I first learned to doorbell. Go Doug!

    and Go Dino!

  5. Let's all be loud and proud for Cloud!....Time to nix Dicks and his tricks!

  6. I don't know what you guys are smoking, but the likelihood of Dicks losing is exactly zero.

  7. The only "poll" Doug will be taking will be after the election when he goes to Prison for all the BS he spreads around.

  8. LOL! More like Dicks going to prison soon. Hes the one being investigated by the FBI lately. Found a good website along those lines documenting some Norm Dicks scandals. Enjoy!

  9. People who want to know the real Doug Cloud should search him in Pierce Counties court record system. He was found guilty in one case, in which he lied under oath. No Integrity there. He's nothing but a Jerk !!