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Recent Reports Dig Deeper Into Dicks Involvement with Taxpayer Funded Projects

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August 24, 2010

Cloud Takes Dicks to Task on Further Earmark Abuse

Recent Reports Dig Deeper Into Dicks Involvement with Taxpayer Funded Projects

Tacoma, WA - The Cloud for U.S. Congress Campaign today announced their candidate for Congress, Mr. Doug Cloud is calling Congressman Norm Dicks out on possible earmark abuse after recent media reports showed a further connection between Congressman Dicks and suspicious taxpayer-funded projects funneled through the Puget Sound Partnership.


"I think the voters have a right to know the full story on how their tax dollars are being spent," said Cloud.  "The recent stories in the news show at the very least clear misjudgment from Congressman Dicks and we have yet to hear him apologize or at least give an adequate explanation for these activities in question."


A recent four-part news story by KUOW News and an editorial piece in the News Tribune highlighted Congressman Dicks' connections to the Puget Sound Partnership and point to instances where Congressman Dicks obtained millions of dollars in no bid contracts for political friends and allies.  The stories also give details on Ryan Dicks, (Congressman Dicks's son), being the appointed head of the Puget Sound Partnership and subsequently named in complaints for multiple state law abuses since he's served at that post.


The stories can be viewed in their entirety at the following links:



"The people of Washington's 6th District deserve better than this," said Cloud.  "Voters are tired of this sort of corruption becoming politics as usual and I offer them a very clear and different choice.  I am committed to cleaning up the corruption in Congress and focusing on the free market putting people back to work at jobs that pay a good wage so we can rejuvenate our economy and get out country to a place where it is flourishing again."




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