Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who really wins with health care "reform"?

In order to win enough votes to pass this unconstitutional scheme, Ms. Pelosi is offering billions of dollars of special bribes in the form of favored economic treatment to certain very powerful groups, Physicians and Pharmaceutical Companies. These groups are being sold to the corrupt political wolves for a pittance by their industry leaders. These industry “leaders" might get their group a temporary benefit, but any benefits will be ultimately negated by the weight of the future government yoke they will shoulder in return. However, this is great for government and those interested in growing it. If the health care bill the House recently passed becomes law, government will grow and private industry will suffer. We may even see shock waves in the health care industry long before the law takes effect in 2013, as investors react to the "regime uncertainty" that greater government control of health care will cause. If the laws of economics are ignored by an arrogant Congress, fears that this bill will create a public outcry for full-blown socialized medicine may come true if government intervention destabilizes the private health care industry. Call it a universal "public option," minus the "option" part.

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